Jumat, 20 Januari 2012

Mystery Date Friday #2

Hello, today we have a couple of Canucks DILFs that we would like to take on very PG-rated dates. Hand-holding at first but we can't promise anything when we turn on the charm.

Okay, onto the dates.


Mystery Date #1

For some reason, this DILF makes us think of Saturday morning cartoons. So, he would come over and we would eat cereal in pajamas and watch morning cartoons. And we would discuss things in the cartoons we know could never physically happen but we love anyway.

Mystery Date #2

This date is going to be another childish foray into the dating world. But we think it fits. For this date, we would build a blanket fort in the living room and then set up a kid's lantern in the middle and tell each other increasingly ridiculous scary stories.

So, have you made your choice?

Will be it Mystery Date #1?

Or can't you resist Mystery Date #2?

Let us know who you get!

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