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Wednesday's News And Notes

Everyone's talking about the Chara hit on Pacioretty. We have our opinions and we've heard what the pundits have to say but we're curious to see what you think.

We honestly believe that if it wasn't Chara, it if was Steve Ott or Chris Neil who shoved Pacioretty into the turnbuckle, that player would have been suspended. You know it and we know it. We aren't saying a ten-game suspension but we were expecting at least two games.

That's not a lot but it's enough to send a message that says, "Be careful when hitting someone. Watch what you're doing and maybe you wouldn't have hurt a player." That's all a two-gamer says and that's all we are asking for. We think that would have been fair.

We know that Chara is not a dirty player but he has to be extra-careful because of how large he is. The size difference between Pacioretty and Chara is so much that it definitely made a difference in how serious the injury was. He should be in control of his body and his strength and should know what he is doing.

Here's what TSN says...link and another link.

Max Pacioretty had a few strong words for the way that the league handled the hit.

Even Joe Thornton had something to say. He claims that they Bruins get favorable rulings from the league. It's an interesting article.

What do you think about this polarizing issue?

Other Injuries

- Sam Gagner had tendon surgery in his hand and his season is over.

- Taylor Hall gave himself a high ankle sprain by fighting Derek Dorsett and is out for the remainder of the season as well.

- The Blues also decided to tell David Perron that his season is done because of all the injuries that he has suffered this season. Such a shame.

- The Blues also lost Alex Steen (high ankle sprain) and Barret Jackman (broken index finger) for 4-to-6 weeks. They don't look like they're in good shape...

- Brent Sopel is out indefinitely for the Canadiens (after they just traded for him) with a broken hand.

- Pavel Kubina was suspended for three games for his hit to the head to the Blackhawks' Dave Bolland. Deservedly so, sir.

The Penguins don't need Crosby or Malkin to win. Of course their presence makes it a hell of a lot easier to win.

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