Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

Double Date: Mighty Ducks

Yes they may be fictional but what girl hasn't thought of dating one of the hockey playing boys from these shenanigan-filled movies?

We're just giving you a chance...

Door #1

Who: Charlie Conway

Date: being the ultimate captain, he over-plans the date that starts at Hans's place where he makes you guys hot chocolate and then Charlie takes you ice skating on the lake in the park where a man who looks like Coach Bombay watches the two of you (which is kind of creepy)


Door #2

Who: Adam Banks

Date: oh, Cake-eater, he was always a little awkward and his date starts out at his parents' mansion where they have the maid cook the two of you dinner and then he takes you to the Varsity hockey team's party where the two of you make out in the basement

Which Mighty Duck strikes your thirteen-year-old self's fancy? Is it the ultimate captain or the cake-eater?

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