Kamis, 17 Maret 2011

It's A Patrick Party

This may seem obvious but we are going with the holiday theme today. It's St. Patrick's Day, Henrik's favorite holiday.

She showed up at the lair with green beads on her neck and green beer in her hand. And that was her all week.

So in honor of this holiday and Henrik's persistence that the name Patrick only goes to talented, adorable men we are naming the Hockey Junkies All-Patrick Team.

The Hockey Junkies All-Patrick Team

#1 - Patrick Sharp

Obvious choice. He's had a career year on the ice and his hair is getting better with age.

#2 - Patrick Marleau

Oh that concerned face, those worried eyebrows. We had to pick him cause he's so cute.

#3 - Patrick Kaleta

Everyone's favorite meathead. He's injury-prone and borderline dirty but that's why we like him.

#4 - Patrick Kane

For some reason, this Patrick is a very polarizing figure. People love him and people hate him. You know where we stand.

#5 - Patrice Bergeron

We're stretching it a bit with this choice but Patrice is French for Patrick so we'll let it slide. He's pretty and determined and Irish (we're pretending).

Hit us up if you think that we missed an important Patrick. We're always looking for more Patricks to obsess over.


- Dany Heatley was suspended for two games following his hit on Steve Ott.

- Next season is it for Taylor Hall, it's the breakout year where he overtakes Steven Stamkos as "the sexy pick for the Rocket Richard".

- Fragile Rick DiPietro is ready to play again. The Isles are disappointed cause they were having a great season til he showed up.

- Brad Marchand elbowed RJ Umberger and received a two game suspension for the act.

- The Rangers signed Dylan McIlrath and Ryan Bourque to enty-level contracts. The Rangers finally see the good in drafting well.

- Bad news bears for the Canucks after Manny Malholtra had to have surgery on his eye after getting hit by a puck. His vision is still affected by the injury which is not a good thing.

- Good news bears for the Penguins since Sidney Crosby has been skating a little bit every day this week. We're super excited.

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