Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011

Silver Fox: Win A Date With An Oldster #18

Don't ask why we have the Avalanche on the brain this weekend but we do.


Joe Sacco

Current Position
coach of the Colorado Avalanche

Former Position
was a Toronto Maple Leaf (we feel his pain)

Why He's Amazing
he helped our son grow into a man (sort of)

Why He's (Still) Sexy As Hell
he gets to coach an up-and-coming sexy team

What You Would Do On A Date
He is a traditionalist of course and picks you up at your house for a dinner date. He opens all the doors and pulls out the chair for you. Conversation flows easily and the date flies by. After dinner, the two of you go for gelato and walk around downtown Denver while there's this feeling that someone is watching you.

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