Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

Silver Fox: Win A Date With An Oldster #17

Ray Ferraro

Current Position
color commentator and broadcaster for TSN and radio station TEAM 1040

Former Position
a center for many teams including the New York Islanders who upset the Penguins in 1993

Why He's Amazing
he married our girl-crush Cammi Granato

Why He's (Still) Sexy As Hell
he tells it like it is and is a pretty awesome broadcaster and color commentator

What You Would Do On A Date
If you are like us then you would set up this wonderful date with Ray where you would go to a restaurant and he tells stories of his days in the NHL (which are very entertaining) and when he asks if you want to come home with him at the end of the date you slyly smile as a response because you totally roofied his drink.

Back at his house, you leave a passed-out Ray in the car and Cammi makes you a drink as she tels you stories about her hockey playing days and they're even better than Ray's.

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