Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Sunday's All About The News

- Joe Sakic has decided to join the Avalanche in their front office and we say that it's about damn time, sir.

- The Hawks signed Marcus Kruger from Sweden and then had him play his first NHL game the other night. Wild ride, kid.

- The Sabres lost Jordan Leopold to a hand injury. That's bad.

- Shanny sent this video our way and we can't stop laughing at how awkward this is

- Then the LA Kings lost Anze Kopitar to a broken ankle. Noodles feels his and every Kings' fans pain.

- Tony Granato thinks this Penguins team has a destiny to follow. We like the optimism, buddy.

- And as everyone knows, Sidney Crosby is skating and looking good. If he fails us or decides that he likes being a tease, we will hunt him down and hurt him.

- This is from Jennifer and we think it's appropriate and timely: ESPN Chicago has an article titled Recovering from concussion can be tricky.

- The Canucks lost Dan Hamhuis to an injury. They're dropping like flies in Vancouver!

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