Rabu, 16 Maret 2011

Oh Great, I Spilled My Coffee

This commercial was sent to us by Shanny and we've been hearing about it for the past couple of days.

LMAO, that's the only acronym appropriate

- Chris Pronger will be out for 3-4 weeks after having surgery on his hand. Not a good year for the guy, we think.

- Dave Nonis will be named the GM of Team Canada for the World Championships coming up in the summer. We can't wait to see the choices.

Best Link Ever: NHL Wheel Of Justice. Wish we thought of this...
(also courtesy of Shanny)

What's more distracting than pizza? A half-naked Ryan Kesler chomping on it behind you.

(PS you get a good look at the Superman 'K' on Kesler's arm hahahahaha)

This prank though takes the cake

The fact that the airline attendants were in on it just makes it golden

This drinking game comes from MouthGuard and we just love that she found this.

As soon as Noodles's ankle heals we all know that she will be doing this every HNIC.

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