Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

Top Ten: Ways That Noodles Broke Her Ankle

Last Friday, Noodles had a few too many brewskis and decided that it was a good idea to walk down a muddy hill in ballet flats.

Or at least that's what she is telling people how it happened. We have our own ideas...

Top Ten Ways That Noodles Broke Her Ankle

10. she was caught in a bear trap by a bearded Hal Gill in the woods of Montreal

09. she hitch-hiked a ride with a drunk Jeff Carter because she wanted to go to Jersey Shore

08. she went out on the town with Patrick Kane and fell out of the limousine

07. accidentally ran into a gang of ninjas wearing San Jose Sharks jerseys (she was in a Kings Doughty jersey so that's why)

06. Zach Parise double-dog dared her to jump off the roof of the Prudential Center (he didn't want to be alone on crutches anymore)

05. she had on a really cute pair of high heels and Sean Avery wanted them so he tripped her

04. sky-diving and Alex Ovechkin, enough said

03. Shea Weber mistook her for a garden gnome and accidentally ran over her ankle with a wheel barrow

02. after entering into a depression-drinking-cycle after the Goligoski trade, she fell down a set of steps

01. she found out that Ryan Whitney was out with an ankle injury.....

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