Kamis, 03 Maret 2011

New Feature Idea...

So Ugly He's Appealing!

We can't wait to offend as many readers as possible with this new feature.

You have to thank AussieGal for the idea because it is a fantastic idea.

This is also an excuse to picspam the shit outta ya. We will even have a poll for you to vote on every week to see if you think this player is So Ugly He's Appealing.

How this works:

We post a few pictures of a player and then why we think he is so ugly that he's appealing.

Then you can comment and vote on the poll. The poll has been updated and will be closed on Monday the 14th so get voting! It's that easy and fun. We love offending people.

AussieGal provided quite a few suggestions but we are always taking ones into consideration. Unless you pick someone on one of our Top Twenty Husband List then shit gets serious.

Here's the Inaugural Post of So Ugly He's Appealing!

Evgeni Malkin


Why He's Ugly
That whatever-bite he has, the unruly Russian hair, those wandering eyes and the body of an undersized ogre

Why He's Appealing
cause with a grin that infectious you just can't help but just have some of the ice of your heart melt and his determination to literally blast people through walls when he's mad is also kind of appealing

What do you think? Ugly or Appealing or Both? Go vote!

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