Rabu, 23 Maret 2011

If This Was Facebook, We'd 'Like' it

Unless you've been living under the proverbial rock then you've seen these commercials already.

This is our favorite one

And it's not because of the Capitals continual failure (that sentence makes us nervous because we totally believe in karma)

Here is more news for everyone

- USA Hockey already named their 2012 WJC coach, it will be Dean Blais.

- They also named Scott Gordon as the head coach for the World Championships this summer.

- Manny Malholtra's fate is still up in the air. We all know that he will not be playing for the rest of the season and it is depressing for the Canucks.

- The Capitals are resting Alex Ovechkin for the remainder of the season to heal an undisclosed injury. Laaaaaame.

- Craig Anderson signed a four-year contract extension with the Ottawa Senators. Guess he likes it there?

- So, Patrick Sharp's injury isn't that bad and he will be back before the end of the regular season. This is a relief to the Blackhawks.

- Speaking of injuries, Justin Williams of the LA Kings will be out for the remainder of the season with a shoulder injury. Not good.

- In NCAA hockey, the teams are set and the tournament has started.

- Puck Daddy investigates what exactly the Flyers are drinking after, before and during games. No, it's not alcohol like we thought.

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