Rabu, 30 Maret 2011

Sid Yeah, Skating Yeah...Almost Jersey Time

We're going through Jersey Shore withdraw so please forgive today's title.

Anyway, it has been announced today that Sidney Crosby has been cleared to practice with the team and will travel with them to Flo-rida.

But as Bob McKenzie says, It's all about the baby steps.

Another player close to returning is Zach Parise. He was going to play tonight but decided to push his return date back to Saturday. We're disappointed but cannot wait. We think he just wants to make his debut on HNIC so Don Cherry can tear him to shreds for coming back from knee surgery so late. Or something like that.

Injury report:

- Anze Kopitar has to have surgery on his ankle and will be out probably until next season no matter how far into the play offs the Kings make it. For shame.

- Doug Weight (if you forgot he played we forgive you) has been shut down for the rest of the season following recurring back problems.

- Manny Malholtra had successful eye surgery but there still is absolutely no time table for his return and he will need 6-8 weeks to heal. We're just glad that he's okay.


- TJ Oshie missed practice on Monday in what was called an 'unexcused abscence' so he was 'suspended' by the team for two games.

- Todd Bertuzzi hit Ryan Johnson with an elbow and was called for a 5-minute major and a game misconduct but the league saw fit not to give him any additional discipline. Right, because he ain't a repeat offender or anything...

Who would you put in the rookie race for the Calder? Netcrashing has their picks.

Grace sent this link from PuckDaddy and we couldn't find it any stranger than we already do. It has to do with Chris Pronger and Charlie Sheen...yeah, weird right?

And this was sent to us from Joann

at least it's a lively arena...

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