Sabtu, 10 Maret 2012

Videos for Saturday

[Serious note: Just want to thank everyone for their comments on the Soapbox rant yesterday. It's awesome to know that we're not the only ones who were upset by that and that we have intelligent readers who appreciate us for our smarts and not just our looks.]

This is a video of the Islanders going shopping at Hugo Boss.

Haha, suits. We can't help it. Suits and hockey players, oh yes.

We found this after the Avalanche win against the Oilers today and thought it was really adorable and had to post it.

It's nice to see that his English is getting better. We think it's because Matt Duchene talks at him all the time. That's our son.

We saw this on TV and couldn't wait for them to post it online. It's Terry Crisp asking Nick Spaling, Colin Wilson and Patric Hornqvist some fun questions.

If you don't love Wilson after this then you're not human. We kid. He's absolutely ridiculous and hilarious.

Also, did anyone else know that Alex Goligoski fought Kris Versteeg in preseason?

We found this on YouTube and thought it was a joke. Sounds like a bad fight, right? But they go at it for a while and throw muffins. We still think Noodles made this up for her own perverse pleasure.

Mike Green was suspended for three games for an illegal hit to the head of Brett Connolly.

Marcus Foligno scored his first NHL goal tonight.

It's a strange goal but a memorable one, we're sure.

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