Sabtu, 17 Maret 2012

Saturday's Links And That

- Jeff Skinner was suspended two games for kickinggkjdsfkj;sldfkjkldsjfkldjfkl oh my god, we can't stop laughing to continue.

- Shane Doan was fined $2,500 for boarding Mark Giordano.

- Ryan O'Reilly is clicking with the Avalanche right now and it's helping them get into a playoff point.

- Cory Sarich hit Taylor Hall last night and now the kid has a concussion.

Not good news and we know Curtis is pretty upset about it right now.

- The Winnipeg Jets beat the Washington Capitals to move within two points of the eighth spot. The race for eighth is gonna be ridiculous in both the East and the West.

- The Ottawa Senators took the top in Northeast with a win over the Canadiens. Who would have thought but good for them.

- Even after missing like twenty games, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is closing in on the rookie scoring race after last night's two goal performance. He is only one point from the leader.

Good job, kid.

Some more news on the You Can Play initiative:

- San Jose Sharks forward Tommy Wingels was a good friend of Brendan Burke and he is working hard to end homophobia in hockey.

- Every team has a representative and they are all filming PSAs for the initiative. Here is a video about Jordan Eberle and the representatives for the Oilers.

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