Jumat, 23 Maret 2012

Reader Submissions

This post is brought to you buy the readers:

Enjoy this creeper video of some of the Red Wings rookies playing that game with the soccer ball that every team has a different name for.

(thanks to Grace for the link)

Tuorto sent us this picture

and we can't stop laughing

Curtis found this video of the Canucks giving Mason Raymond parenting advice

Corey Schneider's is the best

Fair sent us this link to a Facebook page called 'NHL Memes'.
They're all pretty fantastic.

Shanny sent us a bunch of links to Fox Sports Southwest with Adam Burish and as much as we find him creepy we cannot deny that we found this funny.

This first video is from the Stars owner's house and little kids doing a floor hockey shootout.
warning: it's adorable and we don't even like kids

The next one is behind the scenes with Burish and the Stars in Western Canada
Jamie Benn makes an appearance

This video actually made us tear up from laughing so hard
<a href='http://www.foxsportssouthwest.com/pages/video?videoid=de13cc82-3c8c-4dbd-b18a-0ec0e39a3d18&src=v5:embed::' target='_new' title='Stars Insider: Impressions with Adam Burish' >Video: Stars Insider: Impressions with Adam Burish</a>
Eric Nystrom (we're pretty sure it's him) does his sportscaster impressions

And in this one, Burish interviews the Benn Brothers
Apparently they have their own language....

No wonder they call the NHL the Never Hungry League
ALL THAT FOOD! They're a bunch of fatties!

Last video, Burish interviews Vernon Fiddler
He asks the really hard-hitting questions...'How'd you lose your teeth?'

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