Minggu, 18 Maret 2012

St. Patty's Fight Night

There were ten fights last night. Ten. Whatever got them all riled up, we will never know but it probably had to do with it being the Irishest holiday on Saturday.

Or something like that.

We've decided to review all of them in our own special way, of course.

Brandon Sutter vs Nate Prosser

First off, Dany Heatley starts everything and then skates away to the penalty box and then two of the frailest human beings decide to drop the gloves.

This fight gave Sutter the Gordie Howe hat trick which is pretty awesome. He still needs a run at the buffet.

Zac Rinaldo vs Gregory Campbell

It seemed like a pretty even fight until Rinaldo got his bearings and then just tossed Campbell around like a rag doll.

And this fight happened like two minutes in. Talk about having bad blood between teams. They didn't even have time to get to know each other before duking it out.

Max Talbot vs Johnny Boychuk

Honestly, this wasn't even a fight. They dropped the gloves and then Boychuk just unloaded on Talbot.

Kind of makes us sad.

Ryan White vs Matt Martin

This is definitely an example of the kind of fight that we love to watch during a game. It's two guys who are evenly matched just throwing fists and body shots. Love it.

It's like Martin didn't like the hit and shoulder-fakes "YOU WANNA GO?" and White's like "HECK YES!" Perfect.

Kris Versteeg vs Christian Ehrhoff

The fight looks 1000x better because of Versteeg's mane flowing in the wind when he throws the punches that never land. But in reality it's a shitty fight and never should have happened.

Liked how they squared off before throwing down. That's respect, boys.

Mike Weber vs Shawn Matthias

This is more of a grapple-fest than an actual fight. But it's worth putting on here because they did get majors for it.

All because of a big hot on Kopecky by Weber.

Cody McLeod vs Stu Bickel

Our favorite part of a fight is watching the gloves go flying across the ice. It's almost poetic.

Bickel like punches him in the back for the takedown. This fight was also the result of a big hit.

Sergei Gonchar vs Clarke MacArthur

Uh, who? Let us readjust our glasses, Gonchar? Oh jeez, this is gonna be a weird one.

And we were right. Weird and lame.

Luke Schenn vs Nick Foligno

Schenn throws bombs and if he connected on a couple then Foligno would be out. But neither really have that kind of coordination.

This game between the Leafs and the Senators was jam-packed with fights and just terrible attitudes. It was awesome.

While Schenn and Foligno were pawing at each other, Mikael Grabovski and Chris Neil decided to do some scrapping or something.

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