Rabu, 21 Maret 2012

Straight From Mother Russia

and into the Nashville Predators locker room.

Alex Radulov is back, bitches.

Yeah, the Preds just got that much scarier. Glad to see that his English improved.....JUST KIDDING.

We will probably have more on this situation as more information arises and possibly a parody post from MouthGuard because where would we be without some ridiculous to go with this 'situation' Nashville's got going on, right?

Other stuff:

- Evgeni Nabokov signed a one-year contract extension with the Islanders.

- Shane Doan was suspended three games for the elbow he delivered to Jamie Benn in the game against the Coyotes and Stars.

- Scott Hartnell was given a Playbook and filmed a behind the scenes thing on the draft.

Feels like we're behind the curtain with the Wizard of Oz. Cool.

- Connor McDavid was granted 'exceptional player' status for the OHL draft as a fifteen-year-old. He's only the third player to be allowed into the draft as an underage player.

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