Kamis, 15 Maret 2012

T-Minus Four Hours

Yes, this may be the second time that Sidney Crosby will be making a return to the Penguins lineup this season but that doesn't mean it isn't just as special.

We, like most of the hockey world, are incredibly stoked to see the captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins take the ice.

Doesn't matter if we have to hear Pierre McGuire foam at the mouth over him. Doesn't matter if Mike Milbury will frowny-face all over the broadcast. Doesn't matter if Eddie O will berate everything the Penguins are about.

The captain is back and we couldn't be happier.

Overshadowed by all of this Crosby stuff is the return of Kris Letang.

And as much as we (read: only Noodles) make fun of him for his too-long greasy hair and weirdo personality, the Penguins need him.

He is just as important to the team as the captain. And it is a huge relief to see him back as well.

Concussions are fickle things and we are just happy that the Penguins have a full and healthy roster. Finally.

Keeping our fingers crossed.

Other things to ponder:

- Matt Duchene is supposed to be making his return to the Avalanche lineup today as well. Yes! That's our boy.

- Marcus Foligno got a hat trick last night. They were goals 2-3-4. And only five days after his recall.

- The two Calder favorites are playing each other tonight: Adam Henrique and Gabriel Landeskog. Who would you vote for?

- Henrik Lundqvist is still sick with the flu and will not play tonight. That means Martin Biron will face the task of Crosby's return.

- After scoring last night, Erik Cole high-fived the referee. He said it was because now one else was there to celebrate with him.


- This is gonna be an exciting night so enjoy it.

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