Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

Landeskoging: The New Craze?

Ever since Gabriel Landeskog scored the game-winner against the Anaheim Ducks and did this:

it's been some craze fueled by Twitter after a fan tweeted a picture of him 'Lendeskoging' and said that it was the new Tebowing.


Hey, we're all about new fads here and this one is just funny. It's sad that the reason Landeskog actually did it was because he was exhausted from playing a game with the flu and was just relieved that the game was over.

Not going to lie that the next morning one of us (Noodles) Landeskoged after successfully making a decent version of Swedish meatballs.

But we've been thinking, are there appropriate and inappropriate places to Landeskog? What do you think?

Appropriate: after making Swedish meatballs, getting a hot dude's number at the bar, scoring a game-winning goal.

Inappropriate: when your mom makes that one dinner that you hate, after getting with the hot dude, getting out of the shower.

What are some appropriate/inappropriate places to Landeskog at? Let us know.

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