Kamis, 10 November 2011

Videos for Your Viewing Pleasure

(Thanks to Shanny for the Stars-themed videos today.)

Niklas Grossman talks about his injury and gets interview-bombed by Adam Burish.

And this is Unlaced with Ralph Strangis who sits down with Sheldon Souray, so freaking funny.

Other News:

- The Blue Jackets traded Kris Russell to the St. Louis Blues for Nikita Nikitin.

- The 2012 All-Star Ballot has been released!


- NHL.com has the Top 11 lists of weird things in the NHL right now.

- Kerry Fraser discusses the incident that happened between the Lightning and the Flyers with the trap and the stoppage/not moving the puck.

- Also, from MouthGuard, here is the latest Sharks commercials, this one is starring Brent Burns.

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