Jumat, 04 November 2011

Date Night Friday: Niklas Kronwall

Oh Niklas. We always talk about how much we love Swedes cause we really, really do but we haven't dated one in a while so we figured it would be time we did.



I am Niklas Kronwall. Not to be confused with Nicklas Lidstrom who is a god among Swedish hockey players.


Anyway, for this date I wanted to do something special. I was thinking of picking you up for an early lunch date when we would go to Mudgie's for some sandwiches and conversation.

I may accidentally body check you into the wall when we're there. I apologize, it is force of habit.

I may also wear a grey cardigan.

I cannot help it, it is the Swedish way.

After sandwiches, we travel to one of my favorite places to waste some time. A bookstore, namely Barnes & Noble.

In the store, we stock up on lattes and then peruse the books and magazines while making fun of the romance novels and the serious covers for the teen books.

By the time we leave, we both bought a book and are talking about the merits of our favorite authors.

I drive you back to your place and of course walk you to your door. It's the gentleman's way.


Now comes the tough part, do you invite him in for a somethin', somethin'? Or do you leave him hanging outside your door?

As always, it's up to you!

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