Jumat, 18 November 2011

Date Night Friday: Brent Seabrook

Hey ladies, my name is Brent Seabrook and I play for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Here's my idea for the perfect date with you.

I show up at your house with a shopping bag full of stuff and a smile on my face. You let me inside and I ask where the CD player is.

I put on my favorite Led Zeppelin album to set the mood.

And then drag you to the kitchen.

That's when I break out the brownie mix and you get out the mixing bowl. We preheat the oven and set about mixing the batter.

I brought everything that we would need to make the brownies (plus icing and sprinkles, duh) even thought I really shouldn't be eating them. I won't tell if you won't.

When the brownies are in the pan and baking, we lick whatever is left on the spatula like little kids and laugh about how ridiculous it is.

Then we sit in the living room and discuss why 'Whole Lotta Love' might just be Led Zep's best song ever.

After the brownies are done baking, we put the icing on them and decorate them with funny faces made of sprinkles and just sprinkles.

We of course try them out and take a few for later in the living room and I put in 'Marley & Me' because if it makes Patrick Kane cry then it's the perfect date movie.


What did you think of this date with the Seabs?

Do you like brownies and Led Zeppelin?

Let us know.

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