Senin, 07 November 2011

Fantasy Hockey Update: Week Five

Hey everyone!

We hope that you got the trades that you wanted in by last Tuesday. It looks like the trades that did happen made a big difference for a few people.

Trades are important.

And just to be clear, we will have two trades on/around the first of every month through March. You just have to email us at with who you want to trade and for who and we will get it done.

Okay, now that that's done, here are the full team standings...

Top 5:

1. Socially Awkward
2. TurboShelly
3. Ramen Truck
4. The Bert and Ernies
5. Hattrick Marleau

Hat tricks from Tyler Seguin and Matt Duchene helped jump quite a few teams into the top ten and so did the high scoring games from the Avalanche, Stars, Flyers and Bruins this past week.

Socially Awkward made two trades that instantly impacted the team's standings in the league. The one big trade was for James Neal. That was a smart move and one that we definitely approved of.

We're sorry TurboShelly but it looks like your reign as the top team has been ended...for this week at least.

The Bert and Ernies also made a few trades that helped them jump the standings. Like we said, trades make the difference.

Remember next month and you can trade for whoever you want.

Good luck this week!

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