Senin, 07 November 2011

Awards Monday: Week Five

Hottie Of THe Week

Matt Duchene and Tyler Seguin

We like to pick our son for this award because he's a fantastic human being and he's growing up so fast. But we have to give it to him because he scored his first NHL hat trick against the Dallas Stars.

And Tyler, Tyler, Tyler. He scored his first NHL hat trick against the Toronto Maple Leafs and started a war between Leafs and Bruins fans. Like always. But congrats to the kid, it is a big deal.


Best Commercial Of The Night

Girls Play Hockey, Too


The Ryan Malone Wheaties Award

Minnesota Wild

After starting the season kinda slowly, the Wild have taken the Western Conference by storm.

Who would have thought? But good for them and it's nice to see a team move their way up based on goaltending and defense.

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