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NHL Halloween Costumes 2011

So this year, with our new found love Tumblr and the NHL players new found love for Twitter, there have been an influx of pictures of their costumes.

Most of it we can't handle and some of it is awesome. We've never been fans of posting personal pictures on this blog but they were all on Twitter so we don't feel that bad.

Here are the few that we found just through Twitter and Tumblr...

First up are the Toronto Maple Leafs

With Joffrey Lupul posting this on Twitter

creepy but funny

It's the Armstrong family

And this amalgam of Leafs players and significant others

It's Octomom and her kids...WTF but such a good costume

Then we have the Penguins

With Malkin and Crosby

And Letang

And a very drunk Vitale as a cowboy

Also funny

And of course the Bert & Ernie or Lloyd and Harry of every group

Next up is Hal Gill on Twitter about his kids...

He's a great dad, we love it

And Derek Roy

Why do you do this to us?

The Phoenix Coyotes had this picture of Raffi Torres as Jay-Z, yes that infamous picture and Paul Bissonnette as another wrestler

The wrestler was a popular costume this year...

The Swedish youngster contingent on the Ottawa Senators came up with this gem

And another threesome was Matt Moulson, John Tavares and PA Parenteau

Moulson has a great costume, btw

The Canucks Twitter posted the costumes that the players wore to their Halloween party.

But we found these of

Kevin Bieksa

And Ryan Kesler

So funny!

Of course our favorite costume of this year was Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall

Funniest picture ever because they're barefoot and in front of a restaurant.

Sorry this is late but it took us a while to find the evidence...

If you have any, let us know.

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