Senin, 21 November 2011

Fantasy Hockey Update: Week Seven

Hey hockey pool Junkies, how are your teams doing? Are you happy where you are or is there something or someone that is wrong for your team?

On December 1st, we will have another trade day.

By midnight on December 1st please have your trades emailed to us at with the subject line something about trades for 12/1 so we know what we're getting.

Remember, you have two available trades to make on the first so use them wisely, very wisely.

Here are the current standings...

The top five are:

1. Ramen Truck
2. The Bert and Ernies
3. Socially Awkward
4. Hattrick Marleau
5. Noodles

We have a new leader this week with Ramen Truck leading the way with 768 points and a pretty nice week from Steven Stamkos and Corey Perry's penalties.

Also, the next four were helped out immensely from Taylor Hall's hat trick. It's nice to see the kid get off the unproductive list with a hatty.

And Noodles has stopped whining since making the top five. Now we can't get her to shut up about being number five.

Good luck to everyone this week and don't forget about the first.

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