Senin, 28 November 2011

Fantasy Hockey Update: Week Eight

Hello all.

How are your teams doing? Need to vent here? Want some free and relatively smart advice on who to pick up in what position? Don't hesitate to vent or ask.

Also, do not forget about the December 1st trade day. If you sent us an email ( then we have it and will be making the trades on Thursday.

If not, get dem bitches in ladies.

Onto more important stuff...the standings for Week Eight

The top five are:

1. Ramen Truck
2. Socially Awkward
3. The Bert and Ernies
4. Hattrick Marleau
5. Noodles

Only one minor change in the top five and that was the reversal of The Bert and Ernies and Socially Awkward.

Nothing really important to report other than the total domination of Jonathan Toews and his goal scoring prowess emerging. He did give quite a few people jumps in the standings.

But that's about it.

Thursday is trade day. And good luck to everyone this week!

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