Jumat, 29 Juli 2011

Date Night Friday: Clayton Stoner

Hello ladies.

Now I'm pretty sure that you're asking youreself 'Who is this gorgeous hunk of man asking me out on a date?'

My name is Clayton Stoner and I am a studly defenseman from the Minnesota Wild.

I hail from the meatiest, most partying-est and studliest place in all of Canada and that is British Columbia.

Most girls rave on and on about Cal Clutterbuck but I think I've got a *ahem* few inches on him, if you catch my drift.

It's the BC thing and it's been proven.

Anyway, on our date we start out at some restaurant that I let you pick because I am a gentleman like that. It's nice and it's quaint and the wine is pretty good.

We have a nice conversation about beards and how much you love them.

(Really, I can't blame you. I like them too.)

After dinner I suggest we go get a few drinks at this bar a few blocks down. It's summer so the weather is nice and the walk is fun.

At the bar, I start buying us drinks and am impressed that you can keep up. That is until you find the mechanical bull in the bar and I cannot stop you.

I am also impressed with how well you stay on that bull, if you know what I mean. After that display, I ask "How would you like to tame my bull like that?"


Did you have fun on the date?

Would you 'tame his bull'?

Let us know in either the comments or the poll in the sidebar.

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