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Bruins Day With Stanley

According to TSN, it is now time for the Stanley Cup to make it's rounds around the globe with each and every member of the Boston Bruins team/management.

So that means that we will predict what a few of the players will do with their Day with the Cup.

(Thanks to MouthGuard for the idea!)

Zdeno Chara

He straps the silver trophy to his back and climbs Mt. Everest with it. At the top, with a parka on and snow swirling around him, Chara lifts the Cup into the air high over his head and it accidentally punctures a hole in the ozone layer.

David Krejci

No one knows what will happen on his day with the Cup but it will involve him wearing those European/girl jeans with the crazy pockets on the butt.

Andrew Ference

He takes the Cup with him to a 'How To Make Your Life Greener' convention to show Stanley how to minimize his carbon footprint on the world by getting rid of his entourage and that diesel fueled bus he has to travel in.

Patrice Bergeron

The day starts out with a shopping trip in Montreal where Patrice buys himself a nice, new suit and also gets one for the Cup. They're both dressed snazzily as they stroll down the streets eating poutine.

Tomas Kaberle

He straps the Cup into the passenger seat of a nice cherry red convertible and speeds up and down the roads around the Air Canada Centre.

Nathan Horton

Somehow Milan Lucic knows when the festivities are happening and shows up and the two of them hide in the swamps of Florida while smoking cigars and bro-hugging the day away.

Brad Marchand

He takes the Cup to a strip club and Tyler Seguin's already there, duh. They drink way too much and rip off their shirts and join the girls onstage. In the morning they're cuddled together in a sleeping bag outside Mark Recchi's house and find that there is a substantial amount of tips in the bowl of the Cup.

Tuukka Rask

On his day, he lost the Cup. He drank too many Finnish beers and was dancing crazily when somehow the Cup ran away. Or Tim Thomas came to steal it away.

Tim(my) Thomas

If you said anything to do with cheeseburgers then you are absolutely correct. He douses it with ketchup, mustard, relish, mayonnaise, barbecue sauce and Thousand Island dressing puts sauteed onions, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles on the top and covers it top and bottom with a sesame seed bun.

Then he eats it in ten seconds flat. That's how the Stanley Cup was lost.

Hope you enjoyed this preview of the Bruins player's day with the Cup. What would you do with it if you won the greatest trophy in all of sports?

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