Rabu, 27 Juli 2011

Some Changes To Date Night Friday

So it doesn't seem like Steven Stamkos is that popular in these parts. We think it may be the beady eyes and lack of testosterone in his voice.

Or something like that.

We respect him as a player but if he ever asked us out on a date, we would laugh in his general direction.

And we have discovered that we are not alone in these feelings like we thought we were. We were under the impression that everyone loved Stamkos but apparently not.

So, in light of these findings we thought that maybe a few changes could be made for this feature that we plan to keep for a while at least.

Change #1 - We will be taking email suggestions for players BUT we would like a reason why you want use and everyone to date him and/or date suggestion. If we don't get that then we don't post the date.

You don't have to write the date up for us, just a little suggestion. If it's a player from your hometown team then you would know them better than we would and therefore can give us a more accurate date. And of course we would put our own spin on it, duh.

Change #2 - We are going to attempt to add a poll into the sidebar for a week so that everyone can give their thumbs up or thumbs down on the date if they don't want to comment. But commenting is always allowed.

And remember, these dates are for fun. If we go out with Tyler Seguin, imagine that it's your nineteen-year-old self that is going out with him because that's the only way that this will work. That's the only way we can justify writing these dates.

Anyway, as always, thank you for being the awesome readers that we have come to know and love.

Hope you like the changes and if you don't, just yell at us in the comments. You know the drill.

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