Senin, 04 Juli 2011

A Thank You To Brad Richards

Dear Mr. Brad Richards,

Thank you for not dragging this 'OMG WHERE WILL HE SIGN?' bullshit any longer than about a day.

One, we were scared that Gino Reda was really going to be hanging outside your agent's office until a decision was made.

Not judging, we were just wondering when we should send the Meals on Wheels.

And two, we didn't want to have to hear all of the speculation for the next month and a half of 'WHERE WILL BRAD RICHARDS END UP?! WHERE?! WHERE?!'

Canadians are lucky to have TSN on their television sets all the time because there's hockey almost all the time. But to have to hear James Duthie and the rest talk about Brad Richards forever isn't our idea of a good time.

We understand that it is a hard decision. We know that if any teams dangled that kind of money/incentives in front of our noses we would also have a difficult time deciding.

So thank you for not taking months to make a decision on where you are going to spend the rest of your career (hypothetically).

It was a painless saga for us, one that we were worried would be dragged out ala Ilya Kovalchuk last season. That felt like it lasted for three months. Oh wait, it practically did.

Granted, we love drama (when it doesn't involve us) but even a month or two long saga about where ONE player will end up is even too much for us.

So, thank you Brad for going with the team that everyone knew was going to get you anyway. Not like it was a shocker that you went to the Rangers.

Good luck in Blueland and hope you win something there.

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