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Would You Buy Their Kool-Aid?

We were going through all of the NHL sites because we were bored and noticed that quite a few had that extra homepage that announces something 'exciting' like a season ticket package or something like that.

So we were wondering what you guys think of these advertising campaigns. Some are downright creepy and others well, they just don't work. We don't think any of them are particularly good.

The Winnipeg site was going to be ridiculed on here but they don't need any more crap thrown on them. People seem to forget that this is the same Atlanta Thrashers team that happened last season. If they win one game we will be happy for them.

Anyway, onto the websites!

Here is the Ducks homepage before the actual homepage.

Pretty simple and straightforward, nothing too fancy.

Oh, there's Bobby Ryan. Hiiii Silver, what's up?

You want us to get a season ticket plan in Anaheim when we live in Pittsburgh?

Okay, we'll do it.

Soooo, maybe we were wrong. Guess they do work...


The Avalanche took the advertising a little too far in this


Too much eyebrow, put it away! Now! Our mom was tweezing away at the computer screen when that page loaded.

We love PeterPaulMarian Stastny but that's a little too close for comfort.



Pretty straightforward and oh, hi good looking. Man, did their hotness factor go up or is it us?

Oh, oh no. This cannot be happening again! Damn you, Holmgren with your sneaky ways and backdoor dealings that get some of the best looking players.

You suck.


The Habs homepage before the homepage looks like they stole it off of some pretentious art school kid on deviantART.

No credit to you, art school kid.

Either that or someone in their media design/graphics department got their hands on some SpinArt crap.

We'd probably still click and go buy things from them.


Hahahahahaha, pretty clever Islanders. Making us care about you and your plight.

Clever indeed. And funny. Very funny.

And Blue Oyster Cult? Hmm. Free concert? Okay, we're listening. Cow bells? Oh, we're in.

We'll definitely Vote Yes. For sure.



Why is there so much red on the screen? What is up with the creepy cat eyes? And Jovocop's face. Is that necessary?

Really Dale?

This is how you repay our loyalty to you? With all of this 'seeing red' bullshit.

This isn't the Capitals. They and Calgary have their little claws into the red stuff. Think of something new, people!


The Senators homepage before the homepage looks


Oh sorry, we must have dozed off looking at that page.

At least the Panthers website kept us entertained with how stupid it was. Come on guys. Where's the flash? Where's the sparkly Roman soldier you promised us?


Oh, we can pick our ten games?

Any game from the Bronze or Silver or Gold plus a preseason?

Really? Really? Yes, where do we sign. Give it to us right now.


What team is this for?


Those sneaky Swedish bastards. They knew that's how we would sign up. What a great idea though.

Where do we sign?


So, those are the websites that we decided to make fun of today. If you know that your team is having a spectacularly awful idea on how to sell season tickets or just selling the website then let us know.

We love awful.

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