Senin, 18 Juli 2011

One-A-Day Update

So far, we had a quite a few people say that they would help us out with this year's One-A-Days.

Here is the list of the people that got to us first because we had a couple of doubles. We apologize to those that emailed us and didn't get the team you wanted but like we said before 'first come, first serve'.

Devils - Michelle/Tuorto
Hawks - Gina/Garrogin
Stars - Shanny
Flyers - Grace
Penguins - Noodles and Henrik
Oilers - Macke
Flames - Kylie
Capitals - Claire
Maple Leafs - Ness

If you haven't commented yet or emailed us but want a team, let us know by the end of July.

Here is a link to the outline of the One-A-Days if you need it.

And here is a link of the schedule of days that each team will be on.

If you are doing a team then please have the outline attached to us along with any pictures you would like added in an email no later than two days before the scheduled date.

Thank you to everyone that is willing to take the time to do a team. It is our goal that some day we will have all 30 teams done by readers. That would be awesome.

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