Selasa, 15 Februari 2011

Tuesday's Good For The News

- Kris Versteeg is now a Flyer. We had to talk Noodles down from the ledge at least twice since the news broke. No one is amused by this, Mr. Burke.

- Apparently, he wasn't really liked in Toronto anyway.

More trade news: FIRESALE IN OTTAWA!

Chris Kelly was traded to the Boston Bruins for a pick or two.

Zach Parise is almost ready to return. Too bad that his team is fighting for the top draft pick in the 2011 Draft. We kid, we kid.

Repercussions of the Penguins/Islanders fight-fest:

- Mario Lemieux had some comments about the way that the league handled the punishments.

- Then Zenon Konopka had something to say about Mario's comments.

- Garth Snow is surprised that the Penguins were not fined along with the Islanders. We were not surprised about that at all.

- Here is the summary of suspensions and fines handed out by the NHL.

- Eric Tangradi doesn't know how concussed he is which isn't so good.

- That same weekend the Penguins bus was in a minor accident in NYC and the team was forced to take cabs to an outside practice in Central Park.

- Ray Shero defends his team with wise words and minimal finger pointing.

- Video of the event:

What we can't believe is Trevor Gillies taunting Tangradi as he is motionless on the ice and in serious pain. Also, who tries to fight a dude after you elbow him in the face? It's disgusting to watch.

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