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Top Ten: Reasons Why Jonny Toews Is Going To Implode Any Day Now

After watching the All Star Weekend, we have a new appreciation for the patience that Jonathan Toews's teammates have with his temper and competitiveness.

We also have a new appreciation for the delicate balance in the Blackhawks locker room. There has to be a Patrick Kane to balance out a Toews.

We've been reading other blogs after the games and a lot of them commented and said that Toews was acting childish and throwing temper tantrums. Which is consistent with the comments here it seems.

We don't see his behavior as anything but being ultra-competitive and not knowing what it is to fail at anything. At least Sidney Crosby knows how to hide it well.

So we compiled a Top Ten of reasons why Jonny Toews is going to suddenly implode and just kill everyone in the Hawks locker room.

Top Ten: Reasons Why Jonny Toews Is Going To Implode Any Day Now

10. Children, anywhere near him at all

That face...it's not like the girl is even near him but you would think she has cooties with how he's acting.

09. Patrick Kane

He may kill him one day.

08. He doesn't know how to smile, like his face forgot how to do it

Maybe a little one? Just a tiny smile? No? Fine then.

07. How he treats his teammates...especially Pat Kane

Hates him. Kaner better watch his back, especially after the All Star Weekend.

06. His inability to consider marriage or even for Pat to get married

Stunned into almost silence.

05. Doesn't know what having fun means

You know fun, when you can laugh and play? Oh, you don't know what either of those are, do you?

04. He cannot fail at anything and when he does...


03. Even when he's excited, he's super-serious about it

Seriously? It's your 100th goal in the NHL, shouldn't you be a little more excited? At least give us a smile?

02. The way he almost strangled and/or prison shanked Patrick Sharp during the Super Skills Accuracy competition

Both Patricks are in danger now.

01. PKane and everything that he does

He loves him but when they win the Cup again, look for Kaner to end up dead in an alleyway.

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