Selasa, 01 Februari 2011

Things To Ponder: News And Notes

- Alex Edler from the Vancouver Canucks will be having surgery on his back and is out indefinitely.

- The Capitals re-signed Alex Semin to a one-year contract extension which means that it's another year of wiping black marks off the glass behind the opposing net.

- Netcrashing is here with another question and this time it's about the teams that are on the playoff bubble and which ones we think are going to make it and which ones we think are not.

- One of the prettiest goals scored in Sunday's All Star Game

- The Sabres have finally found a buyer. That's good news for Sabres fans, duh.

- Is this the year that Tomas Kaberle is finally traded? We shall see.

- Bob McKenzie goes through all of the players in the Western Conference that could and/or should be traded.

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