Sabtu, 05 Februari 2011

Silver Fox: Win A Date With An Oldster #13

This Silver Fox date was written up for us by Grace and we think that she picked the perfect man and it's a great date.


Owen Nolan – he’s not even 40 yet, but he’s a premature greyer, so he qualifies for a Silver Fox.

Current Position
Playing for the ZSC Lions in Zurich, Switzerland (could there more any more advertising on his uniform?)

Former Position
Right Wing for the Minnesota Wild

Why He’s Amazing
Owen was my first legit hockey crush. Aside from having those beautiful Irish eyes and smile to melt your heart, he had some pretty good hockey moments.
1990 #1 draft pick

1997 World Championship Gold
2002 Olympics Gold
5 All Star Appearances, the most significant being the ‘97 ASG, when he called his own shot and had a hat trick to boot. *swoon*

In addition, Owen is no sissy. His willingness to drop the gloves, even when outmatched, is admirable.

Why He’s (Still) Sexy as Hell
The man could be serving burgers at one of his restaurants in San Jose, to me he will always be sexy.

What You Would Do on a Date
On a date with Owen, it is all things Irish, flying over to the motherland. The date begins with a game of hide and seek at the Blarney Castle. He holds you as you kiss the big stone.

Later, you head to a local pub and kick back some pints Guinness. After one to many, you both get on stage for a rousing edition of “Mary Mac.”

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