Minggu, 13 Februari 2011

For Your Information: Jersey Shelf


Part Of Speech: noun

- the shelf that appears between a jersey logo and the collar when you sit down
- happens when a jersey logo is too large and pokes out farther than your body when you sit down
- large jersey + girl body = canyon between logo and collar

How It Started: If you own or have seen a Penguins jersey then you know that the logos are pretty large and if you own a men's jersey then you know that the logo is definitely larger than your body. One game, we were eating nachos and a chip fell and instead of landing on the floor we found it cradled between the jersey logo and the collar. Henrik coined the term for this phenomena.

Used In A Sentence: I was worried that I would lose the M&M I dropped but it landed on the jersey shelf.

Examples of the worst culprits for Jersey Shelf:

Penguins jersey

Oilers jersey

Blackhawks jersey

Bruins jersey

Avalanche jersey

Any examples that you have seen or experienced? Has this happened to you?

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