Kamis, 17 Februari 2011

Jersey Math #1

Last weekend, we attended both games that the Penguins had against the Islanders and the Rangers.

It was a fun trip despite seeing two bombs played by the Penguins. The Islanders game is one that we will tell our grandchildren about that's for sure.

One in-game game for the Islanders was this thing called 'Jersey Math' and we had to steal it.

Basically, two players were shown on the Jumbotron with their numbers blocked out and you had to either add or subtract their jersey numbers to get another player.

Like duh, this is a game made for us.

Rules are:

- no numbers will be shown
- the answer is from the same team as the players chosen
- no calculators!

Here's an example:

Alex Goligoski + Jordan Staal = Who?


If you answered #14 Chris Kunitz then YOU ARE CORRECT!

Isn't it so easy? And fun?

We are going to have so many more of these...

Here's the real Jersey Math #1

Brad Richards - Mark Fistric = Who?


If you answered #63 Mike Ribeiro then YOU ARE CORRECT!

Let us know if you like this new feature!

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