Selasa, 25 Januari 2011

Now That The Party Is Over

It's back to our usual programming.

In a surprising move, Jeff Skinner will be playing with the big boys in the All Star Game to replace Ales Hemsky. Is anyone as surprised as we are that this little 18-year-old ginger is getting all these goals? What's he have now, 18? That's ridiculous on a Carolina team that is mediocre at best. Good for him, gingers need someone to look up to.

Also named to the ASG are Martin Havlat from the Minnesota Wild, Keith Yandle from the Phoenix Coyotes to replace Evgeni Malkin and Tobias Enstrom respectively.

Then Paul Stastny was named to the All Star Game, PK Subban and Jamie McBain were named to the Rookies to replace Sidney Crosby, Jeff Skinner and Jordan Eberle.

So many injuries and replacements. We can't keep track of them all.

This link comes to us from Kim S who found it on PuckDaddy. It's a list of the 20 Things Overheard in the NHL War Room from the blog, Pass It To Bulis.

Our favorite one: "Man, that's a tough call. Unplug the phone."

This clip is from Shanny and we highly recommend watching it. It is hilarious. It's all about the Stars and the Legend of the Warrior Sword.

Click Here.

In case you haven't seen it, Tim Gleason and Nikolai Kulemin were in a fight of sorts. Some say it was within the code of hockey and others say that it was a sucker punch.

TSN's Netcrashing asks what you think.

Matt Duchene has grown up so much in two years in the league. He isn't awed at all by the fact that his idol Peter Forsberg was skating on a line with him during the Avalanche practice.

We don't believe his feigned bravado for a second. "If I can look that good at that age, after all those surgeries, I'd be counting my blessings." Uh-huh, we know he was just beaming with stars in his eyes when Forsberg was next to him on the ice.

And this gem of a video comes to us from Mouthguard who found it on her new obsession Everything Is Terrible which is a rabbit-hole of time just like she said.

If only they had one for female hockey fans...

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