Selasa, 03 April 2012

Play Off Commercials: Because It's the Cup

Instead of the 'History will be made' videos they had last season, which were awesome until every single play that happened in the play off games was made into one, there are these new

Because It's The Cup

commercials. We like them but we have pretty low standards for commercials nowadays. A few of them are pretty neat and we're gonna link them here.

Vancouver Canucks

oh crying Ryan Kesler, no we don't like that

New York Rangers

stoic Ryan Callahan, yessssss

Chicago Blackhawks

definitely teared up a little at this one but it might just be because it's late and we're tired


yes, we are outside your window watching you celebrate and judging the teams you cheer for

There are way more videos than these few that we highlighted and if you have some free time go and check them out. They're worthy time-wasters.

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