Jumat, 13 April 2012

2012 Playoffs: Quarterfinals Day Two

#1 New York Rangers / #8 Ottawa Senators

Rangers lead series 1-0 after a 4-2 win at the Garden

Of course Captain Callahan scored the Rangers first goal in the playoffs. Because he's the man.

It looked like Henrik Lundqvist was gonna get the shutout but Daniel Alfredsson ruined it. Of course.

It was one of those games that you knew would either be a shutout or a high-scoring affair. Kinda was both actually.

The Senators looked like they were not ready for this game and it showed. They were nervous and all over the place. Next game will be interesting.


#2 Boston Bruins / #7 Washington Capitals

Bruins lead series 1-0 after a thrilling OT win.

Okay, we're kidding about the thrilling part. It was one of those 0-0 games that you feel.

Braden Holtby was being a beast. And the Bruins couldn't solve him at all. Not until the third period at least.

Chris Kelly came out of nowhere and scored the game-winning goal.

And then the glass wanted in on the celebration and fell on top of David Krejci. Poor glass, it just wanted to be in on the celly.


#2 St. Louis Blues / #7 San Jose Sharks

Sharks lead series 1-0 after a 2OT goal.

Martin Havlat showed up and made a difference in the game. He scored the game-winning goal in second overtime.

The game was literally back and forth and exciting and they were trading chances left and right.

The Sharks scored first and it didn't look good for the Blues but they came back and scored. It was definitely a back and forth kind of game.


#3 Phoenix Coyotes / #6 Chicago Blackhawks

Coyotes lead series 1-0 after a win in OT.

Martin Hanzal, the night of Martins, scored in the first couple minutes of OT and broke all of our hearts.

Well, those that were cheering for the Hawks were heartbroken.

But it was lovely to see Captain Toews score in his first game back and the first goal for the Blackhawks in the 2012 Playoffs.

Just lovely.

But the Coyotes definitely held the best of the play and deserved the win. They were really good and played defensively and just waited for the opportunity to get the game-winner.

Fine then, there's always next gameeeeeeeee.

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