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2012 Playoffs: Quarterfinals Day Three

#3 Florida Panthers / #6 New Jersey Devils

Devils lead series 1-0 after a 3-2 win.

In the first period, it was all Devils. They took it to the Panthers and it looked hopeless. They scored three goals in the first and everything looked to be under control.

But the Panthers wouldn't let that happen. And they scored two in the second and then it was a battle to the end to see if the Panthers would tie it.


#4 Pittsburgh Penguins / #5 Philadelphia Flyers

Flyers lead series 2-0 after an insane 8-5 win in PGH.

Claude Giroux had an amazing game. Six points. Are you kidding us?

Again, the Penguins scored the first couple of goals. And again the Flyers came back to win the game. But this time they won with eight goals. Are you freaking kidding us? Eight goals.

These types of character wins scare the crap outta us. It just gives the Flyers more motivation and that isn't good for the Penguins.

Well, it will sure as hell be interesting in Philadelphia.


#4 Nashville Predators / #5 Detroit Red Wings

Series split 1-1 after a 3-2 Wings win.

We could have predicted this win. The Wings were motivated after the injury to Helm and the WWF move pulled by Weber. It was an emotional win for the Wings and we expected it.

The Wings scored two in the first and then added another and all seemed well for the Wings. But the Predators made it interesting and scored two.

The series is going to Detroit after this and everyone knows how the Wings are at home so it's going to be really interesting to see who wins Game Three.


#1 Vancouver Canucks / #8 Los Angeles Kings

Kings lead series 2-0 after a 4-2 win in Vancouver.

No one predicted this that's for sure.

The Kings power play has been out of control right now. And the Canucks power play is not doing well.

Even with the Kings taking a million penalties in the game, the Canucks could not capitalize on the power plays. And even got scored on. Both of Dustin Brown's goals came shorthanded.

Uh, what? That's pretty awesome.

People are already yelling about putting Schneider in goal but Luongo isn't the problem. The rest of the team is.

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